Swiss Solar Group

The Mission

More solar on the roofs of Switzerland – more energy independence.

The Customers

In addition to small and medium-sized businesses, private households are the main customers of the Swiss Solar Group. They appreciate the competent advice, the high quality standards, as well as the ability of Swiss Solar Group to offer other products besides photovoltaics.

The People

The foundation of the Swiss Solar Group is SeetalSolar, a fast growing, successful realizer of photovoltaic systems from the Seetal, which Anka and Bernd Voigt founded and together developed into the leading company in the region.

The Product

From initial consultation and planning to implementation and maintenance, the Swiss Solar Group handles all areas relevant to customers. In addition to pure photovoltaics, the portfolio also includes intelligent energy management, storage solutions, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and more.

The Impact

In order to achieve additional acceleration in the energy transition, the various challenges facing the energy industry must be addressed – in the specific case of the solar industry, these are the shortage of skilled workers and supply chain problems. These challenges can be overcome through strategic partnerships and targeted acquisitions, which can then be used to incrementally bring more solar to the rooftops of Switzerland, which amounts to an acceleration of net-zero.

According to discussions, the benefits for customers are significantly lower energy costs, a perceived low risk due to the dynamics in electricity prices, and a sense of independence and enjoyment of their own electricity supply.

The Story

The first big steps of Swiss Solar Group started in the home of the founders of SeetalSolar – with an open exchange about photovoltaics, technology, the five star rating on Google Maps and the challenges of the solar industry. It quickly became clear that SeetalSolar and blue8 share the same goal: More solar on the roofs of Switzerland. The joint solution is the Swiss Solar Group, of which SeetalSolar is the beginning, with hopefully many more solar companies as partners in the future. The foundation stone was laid in December 2022, and further acquisitions are already being planned.