The management team around Urs Widmer takes over the majority of the Swiss Learning Hub (SLH) in a management buy-out with the support of blue8 AG in order to support vocational education nationally and internationally.

With its products, SLH is the Swiss market leader in basic vocational training, in-company training and tertiary education. With the mission to promote the lifelong professional qualification of people, SLH helps organizations and companies to master the changes in the labor market. The basis for this is the development of digital learning solutions for vocational training.

Quote Dr. Philipp Hofstetter, Founding Partner and CoB blue8 AG: “With the management buy-out of the Swiss Learning Hub, we reach the first important milestone in blue8’s efforts to accelerate Net-Zero. The lack of skilled workers is one of the biggest barriers to achieving our climate goals, and the SLH’s software platform makes a significant contribution to reducing this barrier, including via upskilling and reskilling. This makes SLH the perfect platform, and further acquisitions are already planned. We look forward to working together!”

Swiss Learning Hub is the platform company for Skill Solutions AG, the buy and build solution to combat labor shortages and to educate the workforce of the future.

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